Now many ask why they should join speech and debate.  Here are 10 wonderful reasons to become a member now:

1.  It builds confidence and self esteem.  Having the power to communicate effectively and debate well provides confidence, self-assurance, and a voice to reason, in and out of the forensics world.

2.  The amount of friends you will make is unrivaled by any other extracurricular.  Not only will you consider your own teammates family after the amount of competition, but you will meet hundreds of other competitors from countless other schools.  

3.  Speech and Debate is open to ANYONE, no matter what your skill level is.  Other activities involve auditions and cuts, so only a few selected members can actually participate in the program.  Not in speech and debate.  No matter if you have an intense fear of public speaking that you are trying to overcome, or you are the middle school speech and debate national champion, our team accepts everyone no matter the ability.  Moreover, there are even competitions throughout the year specifically designed for novices (first-year members).

4.   You have the best coaches ever. With Evan Feldman and Anastasiya Lisovska heading the program, you couldn't be in better hands.  Evan Feldman's plethora of experience as a competitor and coach. He qualified in Congress (2012 and 2013), Duo (2013) and OPP (2013) to the State Championships. As a college competitor at States he earned a bronze medal in Extemp (2015)  Parli (2016), a silver in ADS (2016) a gold in Extemp (2016) and was the state champion in Impromptu (2016). At Nationals he earned bronze medal in Impromptu (2015), Parli (2016), Extemp (2016) and a silver in Impromptu (2016). He was also honored as the best speaker in non acting events at State and as the best parli team at Nationals.  Over the past three years he has coached the most congress finalists at States than any other coach in California, a State Champion and multiple National Finalists.  Anastasiya is in her first year coaching as she begins school at UCLA. As a competitor Anastasiya was a state and national qualifier in Congress and World's Debate. She has made outrounds in in impromptu, OO, extemp, and congress at prestigious tournaments like Berkeley, Stanford, ASU, Cal Lu, Fullerton, Long Beach and La Costa.

5.  The road trips and overnight tournaments create the best memories.  Imagine summer camp.  Now add your best friends, public speaking, hotel rooms, and In-N-Out trips from your hotel room.  

6.  here are so many different events to choose from.  Whether you love to sing, act, debate hypothetical legislation, or argue about whether chocolate or vanilla ice cream is superior; there are events for every different person.

7.  The awards.  Were you ever jealous of your brother's or sister's room that had countless swimming or music trophies? Well with speech and debate, lets be honest, you can top them easily and have your own hardware collection.

8.  Growth.  Growth as a speaker, as a competitor, and as a person. This activity changes who you are as a person.

9.  Its applications to other endeavors in life.  What do business, medicine, law, anthropology, and sports coaching all have in common?  They all require great oral communication skills to effectively discuss ideas with co-workers, your boss, and colleagues.  Speech and Debate endows you with public speaking skills that are utilized in every day life.

10.  Fun. SO much fun.  Ask any member and you will understand.