Student Congress is  mock legislative debate patterned after our government’s congress.  Using parliamentary procedure, students debate and vote upon bills and resolutions regarding state, national and international problems. The bills and resolutions are published 2-4 weeks before the tournament to allow time to research and prepare speeches.  Speakers decide whether to speak in the proponency or the opponency on each topic.  In this event, you apply analysis skills as well as extemporaneous and impromptu speaking skills.  Furthermore, you become familiar with current social and political problems and learn parliamentary procedure.  Typically, students will compete in 3 or more 90-minute “sessions” (rounds) per tournament, arguing different bills and resolutions each time.  15-20 students per “House” are typical, and houses are divided into Novice, JV, and Varsity.  You do not need to worry excessively about parliamentary procedure; each house will have a varsity-level student presiding officer (“P. O.”) to recognize speakers and motions, call for votes, etc.  Speakers are evaluated on their analysis of the arguments, clash with other speakers, use of evidence and delivery.