Isaac Cotter - A late comer who has had much experience in public speaking, Isaac instantly felt comfortable in the TCFL arena.  Using his extraordinary intelligence and calm demeanor in round, Isaac was a force to be reckoned with, especially in congress and impromptu.

Accomplishments - 2014:  Long Beach Impromptu Finalist, Cal Lutheran Congress Finalist

Sofia De La Vega - A newcomer this year in speech and debate, Sofia became a dedicated, fun team leader; loving the events of expository speaking and extemporaneous speaking.  On the side, Sofia loves Quidditch and is involved with NHHS Leadership.

Mark Guberman - Mark, having tremendous success in Mock Trial and Moot Court was ready to complete the trifecta of public speaking events this year.  After he joined NHHS forensics, Mark excelled at Congress and Extemp, winning many awards as a first year competitor.

Accomplishments:  2014:  Fullerton Novice Congress Champ, La Costa Canyon Congress Semifinalist, Extemp Runner-Up

Ryan Hahn - (aka Rayn Hahnd, aka DJ Pixel): Ryan always has an aura of confidence, enthusiasm, and strawberry kiwi around him, no matter where he goes. Known to many competitors as the "love child of Joseph and Evan", Ryan has made quite a name for himself as a "hipster", "dirt-bag", or just someone to be feared. He never fears challenges and always breaks boundaries as he goes to town in Parliamentary Debate, Congress, Impromptu, Original Oratory, Spar, and Extemporaneous Speaking; striking up revered discussions or vengeful smack talk behind his back.

Accomplishments:  2014 National Qualifier House Congress - 2015 Berkeley Invitational Varsity Congress Finalist - 2015 Cal Lutheran Invitational Original Oratory Champion - 2014 Long Beach Invitational Varsity Congress Runner Up - 2015 Second Place State Qualifier in Varsity Parliamentary Debate


Tim Kim - The invariably best-dressed on the team, Tim Purpleninja Kim turns heads when he graces a room with his presence. In fact, he has learned first aid specifically for the purpose of fixing the broken necks of those who turn too quickly to witness his beauty. But underneath Tim's angelic complexion lies a young man who loves Speech and Debate. At every tournament, the Purple Ninja steps up his suit game and locks horns with whoever dares to challenge him. After rounds, Tim constantly strives to be a leader as well, assisting Supreme Leader Lisa Jang with coaching and herding the other members of the team.

Accomplishments: 2015: State Qualifier in Varsity Parliamentary Debate - 2015: State Qualifier in Varsity Original Advocacy - 2014: State Qualifier in Varsity Original Advocacy - 2015: 1st Place Presiding Officer, La Costa Canyon Invitational - 2014: 2nd Place Open Dramatic Interpretation, Cal Lutheran University Invitational

Lisa JangOften deemed the "mother" of competitors from Noho and sometimes beyond, Lisa Jang is the current president of the North Hollywood Speech and Debate team. She can be found running around campus frantically with papers in hand or hunting someone down to make sure the team is doing okay. Lisa joined the small team of less than 10 as a freshman, and has watched it flourish into a successful powerhouse in her junior and senior year. This "team mom" competes in public forum debate, original prose and poetry, and often dabbles in a few other events at competitions. She finds the most joy in watching her members succeed and have fun at tournaments, and works hard to make sure nothing puts that at risk.

Accomplishments -  2013:  Original Prose and Poetry League Finalist  2014:  Public Forum State Qualifier, top 24 at the State Tournament

Nicholas Mohnatkin - Nick, Lisa's right hand man, has been the engine that jeeps this team going.  Besides being an extraordinary speaker in events such as original advocacy, congress, and extemp, Nick also helps keep this team afloat through paperwork and organization. 

Jeremy Saraie - From going on late night french fry runs in the dark, seedy depths of Modesto, CA, to delivering Impromptu speeches about the decadence of Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber in society, to staying up until three in the morning practicing embarrassingly elaborate dance routines for Duo Interp, it's safe to say that Jeremy Saraie has had an overall "eh" time in Speech and Debate. He's spent a long four years getting in suits and pretending to be important, but find him now and he'll tell you those were four years well spent. Jeremy mainly competes in Congressional Debate, but look closely and you might find him dabbling in Parli, Duo, Impromptu, Spar, OI, and Extemp.

Accomplishments: - State Qualifier in Congressional Debate (2014, 2015) - State Qualifier in Duo Interp (2014) - State Qualifier in National Extemp (2014) - CSUF Brushcke Invitational Congress Champ (2014) - Cal Lutheran Invitational Congress Finalist (2014)

Ryan Saraie - Ryan Saraie was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California. As fate would have it, the indeterminably large concentration of Persian-Jews in the area gave Ryan the basic skills he needed to survive in his hometown that was the barren wasteland of Encino. Fortunately, he turned out okay. Having competed in Student Congress, Extemporaneous Speaking, Parliamentary Debate, Public Forum Debate, Impromptu Speaking, Spontaneous Argumentation, Oratorical Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Dual Interpretation, and Storytelling throughout his entire career, it's safe to say that Ryan has no sense of commitment whatsoever. But as one of the few 4-year members of the team, he certainly loves what he does.

Accomplishments:  State Qualifier in Student Congress (2014) - 10th Place in Stanford Invitational Student Congress (2015) - 11th Place in Berkeley Invitational Student Congress (2015) - State Qualifier in National Extemporaneous Speaking (2015)

Aidan Underhill - The father figure of the team, Aidan provides a relaxed, sweet, and supportive vibe to a team that usually is very frantic.  However, once Aidan enters a round, all bets are off as Aidan uses smooth and intelligent rhetoric to blow away opponents, especially in his specialty, extemporaneous speaking.

Accomplishments - 2013, 2014:  International Extemporaneous Speaking State Qualifier

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