Speech and Debate 2014/2015 overview

 National Championships and Tournament of Champions


Congress: Ella Michaels


Worlds Debate: Ryan Hahn


National Championship and Tournament of Champion Qualifers

Duo: Stanley Cascone and Zach Grove

Worlds Debate: Jeremy Saraie, Ryan Hahn

Domestic Extemp: Ryan Saraie

Congress: Ella Michaels, Ryan Hahn, Ryan Saraie


State Championships:


Congress: Ryan Hahn, Ella Michaels


PO: Jennifer Choi-Nakama


State championships qualifiers:

Parli: Ryan Hahn and Tim Kim  
LD: Victor Qin

Congress: Ella Michaels, Ryan Hahn, Jeremy Saraie

PO: Jennifer Choi- Nakama

Impromptu: Andrew Mishkin, Ryan Hahn

OA: Tim Kim

Duo: Zach Grove and Stanley Cascone

International Extemp: Ryan Saraie, Aidan Underhill

National Extemp: Ryan Saraie


Stanford and Berkeley Invitationals

Congress: finalists  Ryan Saraie , Ella Michaels, Ryan Hahn 


League tournaments Trophy winners

OA: Yea Lyn Pak 

Extemp : Ryan Hahn, Aidan Underhill 

Congress: Ryan Hahn, Ryan Saraie, Isaac Cotter, Kate Farwell 

Spar: Ryan Hahn, Stanley Cascone, Jeremy Saraie, Izzy Spring

Impromptu:  Ryan Hahn, Yea Lyn Pak, Ryan Saraie


Local Invitationals (Cal Lu, Csuf, Csulb Monroe, LCC invitationals)

Finalists and semi finalists

Ti:  Kino Farr 

Opp: Zach Grove, Kate Farwell

OO: Ryan Hahn 

Extemp: Andrew Mishkin, Ben Schall, Aidan Underhill, Mark Guberman

Congress: Lisa Jang, Aidan Underhill, Mark Guberman, Ryan Hahn, Kate Farwell, Ryan Saraie, Jeremy Saraie, Enrique Linan, Ella Michaels, Isaac Cotter

HI: Ryan Saraie

PO: Anna Winikow, Tim Kim, Jennifer Choi-Nakama, Ariana Trujillo

Imp: Andrew Mishkin, Kate Farwell, Ben Schall, Ryan Saraie, Jeremy Saraie, Jennifer Choi Nakama, Ella Michaels



As a team:

Novice league tournaments: 2nd overall, 1st in originals

 Fall league tournaments: 2nd overall, 1st in originals

 Spring league tournaments: 3rd overall, 1st in congress

La costa canyon: 3rd overall

 Cal Lu: 2nd in Ies/congress

 3rd most State Qualifiers from our league

 Most State Finalists in  Congress inCalifornia the past two years.



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